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Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, In Memoriam

Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, cofounder and CEO of ECOncrete, a groundbreaking leader and expert in urban marine ecology and green engineering technologies, passed away on March 7, 2021 at the age of 45.

Perkol-Finkel was a visionary in ecological marine engineering, a climate change activist, a social entrepreneur, and collaborator and friend to Waterfront Alliance.

As cofounder and CEO of ECOncrete, she inspired female scientists in the fields of marine biology, ecology, and environmental engineering. ECOncrete is a cutting-edge company that protects and rejuvenates coastlines and marine resources using bio-enhancing concrete solutions that are strong, cost-effective and low-carbon.

At Waterfront Alliance, we were fortunate to have Perkol-Finkel’s involvement with the WEDG® (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines) program, as a key thought leader from its early conception, to her most recent contributions as an instructor and advisor for the WEDG Professionals Course. While her contributions to our work and the field are vast, we are particularly grateful for her pioneering grasp of the economics, science, and policy incentives for creating more resilient coastlines and communities.

Perkol-Finkel’s achievements within the industry have already been widely recognized. She was selected as a 2018 We Empower awardee for her achievements in advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals and, in 2019, she was awarded the prestigious EU Women Innovators award.

Perkol-Finkel’s deep connection to the ocean began in high school, diving at the age of 18. Through her work as marine biologist, she witnessed not only the beauty of the world’s coral reefs, but also their decline due to overexploitation, climate change and accelerated coastal development.

Perkol-Finkel’s colleagues encourage those wishing to honor her memory to donate to Mission Blue, an organization that aligns with ECOncrete’s mission.

We leave you with this WEDG Insights article authored by Perkol-Finkel for WaterWire published in October 2020.

Shimrit will be greatly missed by the Waterfront Alliance and the many partners she worked with for so many years. Our hearts go out to her family and colleagues.

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