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Rise to Resilience: April Policy Updates

A lot is happening: a massive federal infrastructure bill, statewide resilience planning and budget season.  It means one thing for Rise to Resilience—there are many ways to get involved.  Check out the latest opportunities below!

Operation Army Corps: Rise to Resilience Action Hour

The Rise to Resilience coalition is working to make sure the guidance directing the implementation of New York–New Jersey Harbor and Tributaries Study is sound. We want to make sure it reflects the intent of the language we fought for.  Last year, the coalition secured key changes to congressional authorization of the study through the Water Resources Development Act of 2020.  With those priorities included, this study could effectively help secure the protection of millions of residents in our region from storms and rising sea levels. If not done correctly, the study could negatively impact our communities and ecosystems.

The Rise to Resilience coalition needs you to demonstrate support for the coalition’s comments on U.S. Army Corps Implementation Guidance. Take action by sending a letter here or joining the Action Hour to learn more about this issue, share your concerns, and rise to the call.  

Invest in Resilience in New York City’s Budget

As a city of islands, New York City faces tremendous risks due to climate change. Read the letter about what the Rise to Resilience Coalition wants to see prioritized in the next New York City budget.  Please share it out widely on social media using the hashtag #Rise2Resilience and calling on the Speaker and the Mayor to act on resilience. Nearly 10 years after Hurricane Sandy, progress has been made but we still face tremendous risks and need long-term measures to adapt to sea level rise. You can help the Rise to Resilience coalition ensure resilience is prioritized in New York City’s budget.

Welcome Danny Haidar

Rise to Resilience welcomes Danny Haidar as a campaign fellow to support the coalition and campaign through July. Danny brings a wealth of experience with him, as both a communicator and an organizer. In 2018 and 2019, Danny directed communications for a non-profit in New York City that specializes in technology law and privacy. After that, he spent the 2020 election cycle organizing voters in his home state Michigan, all toward the goal of turning out the vote during the unique circumstances of the pandemic. In the end, record numbers of ballots were cast in the district that he organized. Danny earned his B.A. in political science, philosophy, and linguistics from Columbia University.

Stay informed!

Enjoying these policy updates? Sign-up for the Rise to Resilience coalition newsletter. Interested in your organization becoming a coalition partner? Reach out to Danny at [email protected].



Photo Credit: Alice Donovan Rouse via UnSplash

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