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Resilient, revitalized, and accessible coastlines for all communities.


Policy and Advocacy

The New York region’s waterfront has changed dramatically over the past generation, shifting to a mix of residential and commercial development, recreation and open space, and maritime industrial use. The Waterfront Alliance helps influence policy and inform elected leaders and decision makers to preserve the working waterfront; expand waterborne transportation; improve access to the waterways for recreation and education; and safeguard our coastal city against the threats posed by climate change and sea level rise.

Working together with our Alliance Partners, the Waterfront Alliance produces reports, promotes policy platforms, issues public statements, informs legislators, and convenes our annual Waterfront Conference to shape the future of our waterfront.

Karen ImasVice President of Programs(212) 935-9831 x107

The Waterfront and Resilience Mayoral Platform

We are calling on the next Mayor of New York City to ensure New York’s 520 miles of waterfront are a major priority for the administration. We will seek commitments from the candidates outlined in the following four-point plan:

-The harbor is central to the economy and regional recovery

-The climate is changing and so should our waterfronts

-Public access is key to breaking down physical and social barriers at the water’s edge

-The port and maritime sector is a 21st century economic driver

Download the full platform below.

The Waterfront Alliance does not endorse, support, or oppose particular candidates for public office.

  • The Waterfront and Resilience Platform for the Next Mayor of New York City

    The Waterfront and Resilience Platform for the Next Mayor of New York City

    Our four-point plan for the next Mayor of New York City.

    Download PDF
  • Eric Adams

    “We’re much more than we were told we are. And New York should allow us all to be who we were meant to be.”

    Follow him on Twitter and learn more at his website here.


  • Shaun Donovan

    A lifelong New Yorker, Shaun Donovan served as a member of Barack Obama’s Cabinet, where he developed a close partnership with President Obama and was trusted by him and Joe Biden to take on some of the biggest challenges facing our country.

    Follow him on Twitter and view his full plan of action here.

    View Shaun Donovan’s video submission to the Waterfront Alliance.

  • Kathryn Garcia

    Kathryn Garcia is a lifelong New Yorker and a public servant. Kathryn knows how to build a healthier, safer, more liveable New York. She’s done it before and she’s ready to do it again.

    Follow her on Twitter and read her full plan here.

    View Kathryn Garcia’s video submission to the Waterfront Alliance.

  • Ray McGuire

    Raised by a single mother in Dayton, Ohio, Ray didn’t have much growing up. But thanks to a strong family, a rare shot at an education, and financial aid, Ray rose through the ranks of Wall Street.

    Follow him on Twitter and view his full campaign here.

  • Dianne Morales

    From being a founding member of Jumpstart, a national early literacy organization, to organizing and marshaling demonstrations against police brutality, to co-leading mutual aid efforts in response to food and clothing needs during the coronavirus pandemic, Dianne is an equity champion who still embodies the lift as you climb mindset from her childhood.

    Follow her on Twitter and read her action plan here.

  • Scott Stringer

    A lifetime of experience uniquely prepares Scott Stringer to lead New York City out of crisis. Scott Stringer has a big agenda for City Hall: to rebuild our city — and our economy — for all New Yorkers, stronger and fairer than ever before.

    Follow him on Twitter and view his plan of action here.

  • Maya Wiley

    Maya Wiley is committed to a New York City where every New Yorker can afford to live with dignity. New York must rise together; rising above hate, rising from joblessness to dignity, rising from homelessness to hope, rising from an affordability crisis to communities that sustain all of us.

    Follow her on Twitter and learn more about her campaign here.

  • Andrew Yang

    “I want to serve my community in this time of need and bring bold, innovative solutions to the table. I want to lead us forward as we rise above our current politics. I want to see every last New Yorker thrive in our City.”

    Follow him on Twitter and read his plan here.

Policy Reports and Fact Sheets

  • Blueprint for Our Blueways

    Download PDF

    The Waterfront Alliance prepared this briefing document outlining a five-point progressive agenda for a harbor that is: strong, healthy, open, working, and managed.

  • Climate Change Accounting: What is the Cost?

    Download PDF

    Hurricane Sandy proved the world has changed—the waters continue to rise and storms will threaten. This is an existential and unprecedented challenge for coastal cities like New York. What will it take to substantially reduce our risk? What will it cost, and how will we pay for it? This report presents a call to action for a comprehensive capital strategy to dramatically reduce our region’s flood risk from climate change-related storms and sea level rise through 2100.

  • Harbor Literacy Points for Educators, Students, and the Public

    Download PDF

    Designed to integrate the study of harbors, rivers, and estuaries into the everyday curriculum of elementary, middle, and high school students, Harbor Literacy Points outlines key topics, learning opportunities, and resources offered by our proximity to the waters of New York and New Jersey. Focusing on watersheds, estuaries, marine ecosystems, water quality, and harbor history, Harbor Literacy Points aims to increase interactive learning with urban waterways.

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