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Maritime Activation Plan

Work with us to redefine the potential of your waterfront!

A Maritime Activation Plan is a service provided by the Waterfront Alliance, customized to suit organizations and waterfronts of all locations and sizes. Through in-depth stakeholder interviews, research, and on-the-ground work, our team provides you with a list of recommendations to help you make the best use of your waterfront. Maritime Activation Plans are suitable for parks, commercial properties, and maritime businesses, and typically take six to nine months to create. Please contact us for customized pricing based on project scope.

Maritime Activation Plans

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

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    • You can’t measure the success of public waterfront with a cash register. Understand we are changing lives and that’s worthy of investment.
      Stephen White, Mystic Seaport Museum Operations and Training
    • The waterfront is a community building place where a variety of activities bring together our diverse communities. I love Brooklyn Bridge Park! It keeps getting better and better, and it’s wonderful this plan is supporting that.
      Becky Blumenthal, Educator
    • Putting regular recreation like basketball and soccer on the piers both saved them and democratized them, and now we have the opportunity to expand diversity for on-water recreation too.
      Regina Meyer, former President of Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Governors Island

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    • The overarching goal is to transform the way Governors Island uses its waterfront. In the past, uses were viewed as discrete, but activating the Island’s full potential requires consolidating and considering waterfront uses as a whole package.
      Carl Weisbrod, The Trust for Governors Island
    • Immersive education is the most effective way for students to learn; Governors Island is one of the few places where a waterfront lab is possible for learning about marine science, resiliency, and the environment.
      Yuh-Line Niou, New York State Assembly Member
    • When you land at Governors Island, you really feel like you’re on an island; the city feels at once remote, yet wholly open to you.
      Erik Baard, HarborLAB
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