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Working Waterfront

The Port of New York and New Jersey is the second busiest port in the country.

The Issue

The working waterfront is impacted by local, regional, and global factors.

The longstanding history and importance of the region’s maritime sector—including well-paying jobs, global competitiveness, trade, renewable energy, transportation, and tourism—provide tremendous growth opportunities. However, our region’s working waterfronts are impacted by various local factors, in addition to regional and global concerns. These factors, whether they are environmental (sea level rise and increased storms), economic forces (real estate market and global trade), operational issues (permitting and infrastructure), or social (increasing density and gentrification), all exert great pressure on our working waterfronts.

Our Solution

Strengthen working waterfront visibility and political clout.

We seek to help strengthen the sector’s visibility and political clout by making the case for financial investments as well as shining a spotlight on innovations and new economic opportunities for companies and stakeholders. We do this through events, published writing, and by providing public testimony on working waterfront issues.

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